Earth Observation
Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) monitors the condition of major foodcrops across the globe to assess production prospects. To support the analysis and supplement ground-based information, GIEWS utilizes remote sensing data that can provide a valuable insight on water availability and vegetation health during the cropping seasons. In addition to rainfall estimates and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), GIEWS and FAO's OCB Division have developed the Agricultural Stress Index (ASI), a quick-look indicator for the early identification of agricultural areas probably affected by dry spells, or drought in extreme cases.

The Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) wins 2016 Geospatial World Excellence Award. Since October 2018, GIEWS Earth Observation website has been updated with the outputs of ASIS 2 (Major improvements and extensions of ASIS 2). ASIS raster datasets are interactively accessible on the FAO Hand-in-Hand Geospatial Portal, ASIS ArcGIS Online and through Google Earth Engine (GEE). In April 2024, ASIS was recognized as a Digital Public Good (DPG) by Digital Public Goods Alliance and included to DPG Registry.
Latest Update: Dekad 2 Jul 2024
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