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Data Access, Image Services and Metadata
Maps/graphs/tabular data presented on this website are pre-processed, published-ready products, originated from the satellite imagery (raster format). All ASIS raster datasets (global extent, 1 km resolution, 1984-present, over 16, 000 layers) can be interactively visualized/analyzed at FAO Hand-in-Hand Geospatial Portal (HiH GP) at this address: or through ASIS ArcGIS Online at

ASIS datasets have been published by FAO as Image Services (WMS) that allow for further analysis in an array of third-party applications. The datasets also have been disseminated on Google Earth Engine (GEE). To request the access to ASIS asset on GEE, please send an email to [email protected], providing your GEE account.

Data license policy:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0):;
Additional terms of use for datasets:
Recommended citation: © FAO - Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS),, [Date accessed]

ASIS datasets HiH GP URL, ArcGIS Online URL, GEE URL, Web Service URL and Metadata Listing
Dataset Name HiH GP ArcGIS GEE WMS Metadata
Agricultural Stress Index (ASI) - Near Real Time (Dekadal)
Agricultural Stress Index (ASI) - Annual Summary
Drought Intensity (DI) - Near Real Time (Dekadal)
Drought Intensity (DI) - Annual Summary
Weighted Mean Vegetation Health Index (Weighted Mean VHI) - Near Real Time (Dekadal)
Weighted Mean Vegetation Health Index (Weighted Mean VHI) - Annual Summary
Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) - Near Real Time (Dekadal)
Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) - Monthly Summary
Vegetation Health Index (VHI) - Near Real Time (Dekadal)
Vegetation Health Index (VHI) - Monthly Summary
Historic Agricultural Drought Frequency (1984-2023)
Crop/Pasture Phenology - Start/Maximum/End of Season
Crop/Pasture Phenology - Progress of Season